About Us


Who’s Black Lace Boutique?

We’re a small team of sexy passionate women who want to help you go slutty or go home! We work very hard to bring you the best quality of leather lingerie, so you can focus on awaking the stallion on him.

We started our journey in 2015, after having a hard time to find a good leather boutique who actually cared about us. Somebody that could help us choose and pick something that could work for our bodies, somebody that we could chat with or email and get a fast response. We wanted a customizable experience since buying lingerie is no easy task.

We then challenged ourselves, to offer the best service for you to enjoy your shopping experience, when trying new things (such as leather). We are passionate about providing you the best service and the best quality of products available anywhere!

Thanks to our hard work, we’re already one of the best leather boutiques in the country, and we will continue our journey so you can focus on your passion in bed.


Sincerely, Linda. Founder of Black Lace Boutique.