Become a Master in Bed: 6 Tools to Achieve it


You are at home, your husband or fiance is in the living room probably watching some boring football match or playing video games and you are so needy but you can’t think of a way to get that hulk of a guy to come crawling to you. You are basically out of fun sex ideas but who in the world said that fun sex ideas have to be about wild sex on the kitchen counter or at the backseat of your truck or even sex on a yacht on the Mississippi?

You don’t need to stress your brain out thinking about fun sex ideas-heck! that’s why sexy female lingerie exists ladies. The greatest designers did not make this lingerie for us to cover it that’s why you should throw out all that boring stuff in your closet that turns of your fiance and move on to fancy sexy lingerie that will take your relationship from kindergarten to college.


Nothing knows how to say “sexy mama” like a corset does. It not only gives you that hour glass shape that men go crazy for but it also makes your boobs look sexy and huge and we all know how the saying goes “if it’s sexy then am buying”. Corsets go way back to the sixties and if I learn anything from middle school, it’s that history is never wrong. If your man is the kind to melt down over firm, tight boobs then look no further because a corset is what you need.

Black Cupless Corset W/Front Zipper


We all know that men love skin and with a babydoll nightie you can give them the skin they want to see. The tight fitting cups of a babydoll nightie make a lady’s boobs look full and ripe, so to speak and the fact that the nightie goes up to the hips adds to their sexy looking style. Babydoll nighties can be silk or nylon but I’d definitely go for a silk if I want to spice up my sex relationship.

Red Sleepshirt


Lace body stockings are the best and can I can guarantee you that if your man sees you in these sexy body stockings, he is going to keep coming for more, till you can’t stand it. The spaces in a body stocking can be large or small but both seem to work the magic of getting your man out of the couch. The thing with body stockings is that they make a lady look like she is dominating, like she has the power to do any and everything.


Some people call these suspender belts though the name doesn’t really matter. A garter belt is worn around the waist and for that extra super sexy look, you can wear stockings to go with it. One famous celebrity once said, “Fun sex ideas began with the discovery o garter belts” and I totally agree.

Black Lace Garter Belt And Thong


Ladies, you have got to take a second to thank whoever came up with these sexy bras that run all the way to the hips. Not only do bustiers enhance the shape of a woman’s body but the comfy feel they have gives a woman real confidence in herself. It is almost like if a lady has a bustier on, she can damn well have any man she wants.


Sometimes wearing the same old pants that cover everything turns down a man’s libido so if you want him singing “best time of my life” all year, you might as well switch it up to some thongs and g- strings and a sexy bra to match. Who can say o when the whole ass is out for display?

White Lace Leg Garter

Choosing the right lingerie could be a great step in spicing up a boring relationship and you can have all the lingerie you want….all you have to do is buy. Maybe wearing sexy lingerie could be a fun sex idea after all. Wait a second, it is one of the best sex ideas ever invented.


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